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Rounds – London’s Burning, Frère Jacques & Row, Row, Row Your Boat


Scales & Arpeggios

Scales – all two octaves, hands together and with fingerings:

Melodic minor scales


Arpeggios – all two octaves, hands together with fingerings
Major arpeggios

Minor arpeggios 

Scales Fingering Finger Mat (colour)
Scales Fingering Finger Mat (black & white)

for C, D, E, G and A majors and minors, both hands; right hand B Major and Minor and left hand  F major and minor. Very simple! Just put your fingers on the corresponding numbers on the mat to practise the fingerings for these scales. My pupils have found this useful. (They are slightly smaller than real size in order to fit them onto one sheet of A4.)


You are welcome to download and print as many of these as you like. 

Please note: As far as I know, these documents are virus-free but I accept no responsibilty if not.