Mistakes – some thoughts

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Mistakes – Some Thoughts Why do some pupils expect instant success? Why do they value themselves based on what they can / cannot do? Why do some people think when they find something difficult “I’m useless / worthless”  instead of “I find this difficult – if I keep practising / learning / training I can […]

Buying A Second-hand Piano

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There is a multitude of things to think about and questions to ask yourself when buying a piano. Acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard? Digital pianos have the following advantages: They never need tuning. They can be played on headphones enabling practice to be done silently, keeping the neighbours happy. It may be possible to […]

Collecting Second-hand Sheet Music

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I have long enjoyed collecting second-hand sheet music (and books). I love going into a second-hand bookshop or charity shop where I know there will be some and rummaging through the piles in the hope of finding something I’m specifically looking for or anything unusual or interesting or anything that might be useful for myself […]

What Wakes..song c1790

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    I found this old score (published c.1790) in one of the second-hand bookshops on Charing Cross Road, London, in a box of miscellaneous items. It is foxed and the folded edge looks tatty with bits of string hanging off it – it must have been torn out of a volume sometime in the […]

Page-turning Ravel Gaspard

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Sat 25th June 2016  Received email from friend saying would I page-turn Ravel Gaspard at professional concert next Friday. Said ‘yes’ and asked to page-turn rehearsal. Friend offered to lend me her copy but thought I’d got one somewhere. Heaved piles of music around and sorted through them to find it – knew it was […]